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Building Automation

Sky Unterföhring
Sky Unterföhring

Order placed by: Sky

Location: Unterföhring



Planning, programming and commissioning of the measurement and control technology, including building management system, at the new Sky group’s headquarters in Unterföhring.

The ventilation systems of the open-plan offices, fitness rooms, kitchen and so on, individual exhaust ventilators, heating, static heating circuits, refrigeration plants located in the building were connected to Saia automation stations being appropriate for 8bacnet with approx. 1,200 hardware data points.

The building management system with approx. 32,000 software data points was carried out by means of Visi.Plus.

A safe, efficient and economic project realization in connection with Saia® automation systems.



E.ON Administration Building
E.ON Administration Building

Order placed by: Fa. Züblin

Location: Regensburg



E.ON's administration building has certainly been one of the most extraordinary new buildings in Bavaria over the past years. It unites the latest office technology and modern architecture and underlines E.ON's aspiration for the leadership as Germany's biggest public utility company.



  • Cables for measurement engineering, control and feedback control systems: approx. 150,000 m
  • Cables for fire protection engineering/smoke exhausting system: approx. 10,000 m
  • 26 switch cabinet areas as priority spots of information
  • Individual room adjusters for 630 office rooms
  • Refrigerating capacity: approx. 1,500 kW
  • Heating capacity: approx. 1,200 kW
  • Period of execution: 12 months



BMW Munich Lot 1 & 2
BMW Munich Lot 1 & 2

Order placed by: BMW

Location: Munich



New construction of 42 RLT installations, one refrigeration supply center, one heating center, one plant for the disposal of special waste water.


-          14 sub-stations (B&R X20 CP1484)

-          Approx. 2,250 hardware data points

-          Approx. 12,500 software data points

-          98 graphic pictures of the installation

-          41 feedback control pictures

-          22 trend pictures incl. archives

-          140 service pictures